Nordin Hj. Lajis
Chair of Conference

Natural products continue to play a key role in the search for new medicines and fine chemicals. The Organizing Committee invites you to participate in the International Conference on Natural Products (ICNP2011). An annual event under the auspices of the Malaysian Natural Product Society (MNPS), this year’s conference is organized by Universiti Putra Malaysia. We are also joined by Cancer Research Initiative Foundation (CARIF) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in organizing this event which will be held at Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort, PUTRAJAYA from 13th -16th November 2011, with a running theme of "Metabolomics A New Frontier in Natural Products Science".

The two and half day meeting will continue a tradition of excellence in providing an avenue for researchers to present and discuss their work, in a broad range of areas relating to natural products. Deeply rooted in chemistry, the conference will maintain its emphasis on discussions related to cutting edge developments in natural product isolation and structure elucidation, synthesis, methods development and other areas enabled by organic chemistry. We have lined up an outstanding list of speakers of diverse geographical representation, who will deliver lectures in topics such as recent advances in drug discovery, enabling technologies, medicinal chemistry and organic synthesis. phytochemistry, and other communications pertaining to natural products research. For the first time metabolomics will be introduced as a topic in the conference. Natural products chemistry and metabolomics share the common goal of identification of structures and functions of natural product molecules. Advances in analytical Instrumentation, specifically NMR and mass spectroscopy, improved databases and powerfool statistical tools have brought these two fields of sciences closer together, promising new and exciting discoveries.

Consistent with previous meetings, the meeting will also include a series of poster presentations that will provide an ideal opportunity for exchange of findings and ideas in an informal setting. It is anticipated that the exciting topics, diverse range of speakers and attendees, and highly interactive tradition of this conference will make this year's conference both memorable and enjoyable. We look forward to an excellent meeting.

For more Information please contact us on email or fax.

Website: www.icnp2011.upm.edu.my
Email: icnp2011secretariat@ibs.upm.edu.my
Tel: +603-89471487 / +603-89467492 / +6019-3173098
Fax: +603-89472218

We look forward to your participation.

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